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HIVR4P satellite symposium
Addressing the Leading Edge of the HIV Epidemic in the US: Advancing Prevention Programs for Urban YMSM
17 October, 2016

Description:  Experts in social, biomedical, and network sciences will present research on the HIV prevention needs of urban YMSM. The session will detail recent trends in the domestic HIV epidemic among MSM, provide insight into structures that determine HIV risk, and discuss the path forward as exisiting and future interventions are implemented.

Keynote. Kenneth Mayer will present recent survey and epidemiologic data on the state of the HIV epidemic in YMSM. The keynote will discuss ongoing prevention efforts and identify opportunities for expanding prevention initiatives.

Panel 1. Social and network factors that drive the HIV epidemic. Alida Bouris, Aditya Khanna, and Michael Newcomb will examine HIV risk through the lense of interpersonal relationships at mutiple levels (sexual/romantic dyads, families, and social/sexual networks).  

Panel 2. Engagement and adherence strategies for biomedical prevention. Brian Mustanki and Sybil Hosek will present up-to-the-minute results on biomedical prevention acceptability, uptake, adherence, and outcomes for YMSM.