Day 1 - Thursday, October 10th

 8:30 AM

Mentoring breakfast and table discussions
Invited speaker: Kevin High, MD, MS; Wake Forest Baptist Health, Winston-Salem, NC, USA

 10:00 AMOpening of the workshop 
 Session 1
Chair: to be confirmed
 10:15 AM

Fried, Linda 2019 120x160

10 Years of aging research: Frailty and aging
Linda Fried, MD, MPH; Columbia University, New York, NY, USA

 10:45 AM10 Years of aging research: HIV and aging
Keri Althoff, MPH, PhD; Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD, USA
  11:15 AM Discussion 
  Abstract-driven presentations 
 11:30 AMAbstract-driven presentations 
 12:15 AMLunch 
 Session 2
Chair: to be confirmed
 1:15 PMBaker, Jason 2019120x160The pros and cons of altered coagulation as an important pathophysiological mechanism in HIV
Jason Baker, MD; University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, USA
  Abstract-driven presentations
 1:45 PMAbstract - driven presentations  
 2:45 PMDiscussion 
 3:00 PMCoffee Break 
 Session 3
Chair: to be confirmed
 3:30 PMHIV and aging in the international setting:  from inflammation, viral clades, and coinfections to the clinical implications and epi
Jean B. Nachenga, MD, PhD, MPH; University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
  Abstract-driven presentations 
 4:00 PMAbstract - driven presentations (3 slots) 
 4:45 PMDiscussion 
 5:00 PMWelcome drinks and poster viewing session 1 

Day 2 - Friday, October 11th

 Session 4
Chair: to be confirmed
 8:00 AM

Chang, Linda 2019 120x160

Use of cannabis: basic scientist's perspective
Linda Chang, MD; University of Hawaii, HI, USA

 8:30 AMUse of cannabis: clinician's perspective
Thomas Marcotte, PhD; University of California San Diego, CA, USA
 9:00 AMDiscussion 
 9:30 AMCoffee break and poster viewing session 2 
 Session 5
Chair:  to be confirmed

10:30 AM

Karris, Maile 2019 120x160

Loneliness/social isolation
Maile Karris, MD; University of California San Diego, CA, USA

  Abstract-driven presentations 
 11:00 PMAbstract - driven presentations (4 slots) 
 12:30 PMLunch 
 Session 6
Chair:  to be confirmed
 1:30 PM

Deeks, Steven 2019 120 x 160

Implications of cure research for the older population
Steven Deeks, MD; University of California San Francisco, CA, USA

 2:00 PM

How to be an advocate?
Stephen Karpiak, PhD; ACRIA Center of HIV & Aging at GMHC, USA

  2:30 PM Discussion 
 2:45 PMClosing of the workshop