17th European Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis


De Luca, Andrea 2019IN MEMORIAM

It is with incredible sadness that we learned our dear friend Andrea De Luca (1964 - 2019) passed away in a car accident on 4 February 2019. Prof. de Luca was a long-term member of the Organizing Committee for the European Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis and his extraordinary contributions as both a world-class expert and amazing speaker shall be sorely missed.  Words cannot properly convey our sadness and our thoughts are with his family at this unbelievably difficult time.



We are proud to announce the 17th edition of the European Meeting on HIV & Hepatitis - Treatment Strategies & Antiviral Drug Resistance, to be held on 22 - 24 May 2019  at the Roma Eventi - Fontana di Trevi Conference Centre in Rome, Italy.


The premier European platform for clinicians, allied healthcare providers, researchers and clinical virologists to discuss the latest developments in antiviral therapy and for translating them into new treatment strategies to further improve clinical care.


Founded seventeen  years ago as the European HIV resistance workshop, the meeting evolved to embrace all aspects of clinical care of people living with HIV in Europe. Particular emphasis is put on optimal treatment strategies, clinical virology, molecular epidemiology and public health aspects of HIV, HBV and HCV infections throughout Europe.

In the last decade the meeting has been able to capture leading clinicians and researchers from the different regions of Europe. As such, this meeting is the only European platform where HIV treating physicians and clinical virologists get together on an annual basis to present their latest research results and discuss their clinical implications in detail. 

We look forward to seeing you in Rome!