Day 1 - Wednesday, 22 May

 9.00 Opening of the workshop
Tribute to Andrea De Luca and Ricardo Camacho

Chairs: Francesca Ceccherini Silberstein and Roger Paredes


Andrea De Luca Lecture:

The top 10 important observations of the last year affecting clinical management
Ravindra Gupta, MD, PhD
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Resistance to integrase inhibitors

Anne-Genevieve Marcelin, PharmD, PhD
UPMC, France

 Session 1: The role of the reservoir on clinical decision making
Chairs: Rolf Kaiser and Jan Albert

How to measure the reservoir

María José Buzón, PhD
Vall d'Hebron Research Institute, Spain

 11.15 How does the reservoir influence the clinician's decisions

Carlo Federico Perno, MD, PhD
University of Milan, Italy

 11.45 Discussion 
 Special Session: Genetic Barrier – Role in HIV Treatment Decisions
Chair: Charles Boucher

Jonathan Schapiro, MDGenetic Barrier, Basic Principles

Jonathan Schapiro, MD
Sheba Medical Centre, Israel


Romina P. Quercia, MD, PhDGenetic Barrier and Reduced Drug Regimens

Romina Quercia, MD, PhD
ViiV Healthcare, United Kingdom


Roger Paredes, MD, PhD

Genetic Barrier – Clinical Cases

Roger Paredes, MD, PhD
IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute, Spain

 13.00 LUNCH 
 Session 2: Role of STI management in HIV prevention
Chairs: Gary Rubin and David van de Vijver
 14.00 Whitlock, Gary 2019New approaches to STI management

Gary Whitlock, MD
Dean Street Clinic, Chelsea & Westminster Hospital
United Kingdom
 14.20 Bébéar, Cecile 2019 120x160Interplay between PrEP and STI

Cécile Bébéar, MD, PhD
University of Bordeaux, France 
  Abstract - driven presentations 
 14.35 First results after 52 weeks of informal PrEP use in a cohort of MSM in Southern Spain.
Manuel Reiriz Rojas
 14.50European surveillance of HIV drug resistance to NRTI, NNRTI and INSTI in newly diagnosed individuals using next-generation sequencing.
Carole Seguin-Devaux
 15.15 Molecular analysis suggests post-migration HIV-1 acquisition among migrants in Paris, France.
Evangelia Kostaki
 15.30 Trends of transmitted and acquired hiv-1 drug resistance in patients followed in portuguese hospitals between 2001 and 2017.
Marta Pingarilho
 15.45Panel Discussion 
 Session 3: Clinical management of HIV - related abstracts
Chairs: Roger Paredes and Anne- Mieke Vandamme
 16:40Remembering Ricardo Camacho: HIV-2 Diagnostics, therapy and resistance testing

Rolf Kaiser, PhD
University of Cologne, Germany

  Abstract-driven presentations 
 16.55  Seminal HIV-1 RNA and drug concentrations in DTG+3TC dual therapy (ANRS167 Lamidol)
Charlotte Charpentier
 17.10  Predicting 2-drug antiretroviral regimen efficacy by genotypic susceptibility score: results from a cohort study
Barbara Rossetti
 17.25 High prevalence of the integrase resistance associated accessory mutation L74I in the Russian Federation
Alina Kirichenko
 17.40 Fostemsavir (FTR) Week 48 efficacy and evaluation of treatment emergent substitutions in the BRIGHTE study
Max Lataillade
 17.55 Epidemiological study of Doravirine associated resistance mutations in HIV-1-infected antiretroviral-experienced patients from two large databases in France and Italy
Anne- Geneviéve Marcelin
 16.20 Guided poster tour 1 
 17.20 Welcome Reception & Poster Viewing 

Day 2 - Thursday, 23 May

 Session 4: What's in the pipeline? Presentations from scientists from the industry
Chair: Jonathan Schapiro and Anne-Geneviève Marcelin
 8.30 Harmony Garges 120x160Harmony P. Garges, MD,  MPH
Vice President and Head, Global Medical Affairs, ViiV Healthcare, USA
 8.45 Stamm, Luisa 120x160Luisa Stamm, MD, PhD
Executive Director, HIV and Emerging Viral Infections, Gilead Sciences, USA
  9.00 Squires, Kathleen 2012Kathleen Squires, MD
Global Director Scientific Affairs-ID/HIV, Merck, USA
  9.15 Hanneke Schuitemaker, PhD
Vice President, Head Viral Vaccine Discovery and Translational Medicine, Janssen, The Netherlands
  9:45 Discussion 
 10.15 COFFEE BREAK & Poster Viewing 
  Guided poster tour 2 
 Special Session: Clinical considerations in choosing first-line therapy
Chair: Carlo Federico Perno

Carlo Federico Perno, MD, PhDWelcome and introduction

Carlo Federico Perno, MD, PhD
University of Milan, Italy


Same day treatment initiation

Tristan Barber, MA MRCP
Royal Free Hospital, London, United Kingdom


Anne-Geneviève Marcelin, PharmD, PhDFirst line therapies: implications for long term resistance

Anne- Geneviève Marcelin, PharmD, PhD
Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris, France

 12:00 Clinical case
Rocio Montejano Sanchez, MD
Hospital Universitario La Paz, Madrid, Spain
 12.15  LUNCH 
  Session 5: Management of viral hepatitis I
Chairs: Francesca Ceccherini Silberstein and Carlo Perno

Novel compounds for HBV therapy

Pietro Lampertico, MD, PhD
Fondazione Policlinico - University of Milan, Italy


Novel markers on HBV / HDV co-infection

Valentina Svicher, PhD
University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy

  Abstract-driven presentations 
 14.15 The integration of Hepatitis B virus in relevant regions of human genome is a common event in the setting of HBeAg negative chronic infection despite limited liver disease: implications for an altered cell metabolism
Romina Salpini
 14.30 The transmission dynamics of acute HCV infections in HIV-positive men who have sex with men in the Netherlands is suitable for targeted risk reduction strategies
Stephanie Popping
 15.15 Guided poster tour 3 
 Session 6: Management of viral hepatitis II
Chair: t.b.c.

Clinical relevance of HCV rare subtypes

Slim Fourati, MD, PhD
University of Paris Est, France

  Abstract-driven presentations 
 16:15Clinical and virological characteristics of patients with chronic hepatitis C and failure to a Glecaprevir and Pibrentasvir (G/P) treatment in real world
Federico Garcia
 16:30Retreatment of HCV infected patients with a previous failure to a NS5A inhibitor-containing regimen after performing a genotypic resistance test: the Italian Vironet C real life experience
Velia Chiara Di Maio
 16:45Specific NS5A polymorphisms correlate with hepatocellular carcinoma in cirrhotic patients infected with HCV genotype 1b
Mohammad Altkhatib
 17.00 End of Program day 2 

Day 3 - Friday, 24 May

 Session 7: Clinical management challenges
Chair: t.b.c.

The new patient - with what & when

Peter Reiss, MD, PhD
UMC Amsterdam, The Netherlands


The aging patient

Eugenia Negredo, PhD
Hospital Universitari Germans Trias i Pujol, Badalona, Spain


Mandelbrot, Laurent 2017 120x160The pregnant woman - update

Laurent Mandelbrot, MD
Hôpitaux Universitaires Paris Nord, Paris, France

 Session 8: Abstracts - part I
Chair:  Leon Kostrikis
 10:00Longitudinal analysis of proviral HIV-DNA
Eva Heger
 10:15Single genome sequencing of near full-length HIV-1 RNA
Laura Hebberecht
 Session 9: Abstracts - part II
Chair: t.b.c.
 11:00Maraviroc as a Latency Reversing Agent in cell line models
Filippo Dragoni
 11:15Viral Dynamics During Suppressive ART - Towards HIV-1 Elimination From Reservoirs
Thomas Klimkait
 Session 10: Progress in cure / elimination approaches
Chairs: Dimitrios Paraskevis and Carlo Perno

Update on the London patient

Ravindra Gupta, MD, PhD
University of Cambridge, United Kingdom


Update on HIV cure research

Linos Vandekerckhove, MD, PhD 
University of Gent, Belgium


Angelos Hatzakis, MD, PhD, MScHepatitis C elimination research

Angelos Hatzakis, MD, PhD
University of Athens, Greece


Perspectives in HBV cure research

Fabien Zoulim, MD
INSERM, France

 13.15 Discussion 
 13:30Ricardo Camacho Award ceremony and closure of the meeting