Day 1 - Wednesday, 28 October 

 9:00 Opening of the Meeting 

Ghosn Jade, 2018
Andrea De Luca Lecture: 
The Top 10 Important Observations of the Last Year Affecting Clinical Management
Jade Ghosn, MD, PhD - Bichat University Hospital, France

 Session 1:  Challenges in Central and Eastern Europe

Noori,Teymur 2018
Epidemiology of HIV and Hepatitis in CEE
Teymur Noori - European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), Sweden


Streinu Cercel, Anca 2017

Transmitted and Acquired Resistance: Special Populations
Anca Streinu - Cercel, MD, PhD - National Institute of Infectious Diseases "Prof. Dr. Matei Bals", Romania 


Gender neutral avatar 120x160
HIV and Tuberculosis in CEE
Speaker to be announced

 10:50Gender neutral avatar 120x160
Scaling-Up Integration of TB, HIV, and Viral Hepatitis Testing in Europe
Speaker to be announced
 11:15 Discussion 
 11:30Coffee Break 
 Industry-Sponsored Symposium
 Session 2: Patient-Reported Outcomes and Studies

Introductory Lecture
Martin Duracinsky, MD, PhD - Paris Diderot University, France

                   Abstract-Driven Presentations
 14:50 4 slots 
 15:50 Coffee Break 
 Session 3: Clinical Management of HIV: Abstract-Driven Presentations


Gender neutral avatar 120x160
When to Start: Test and Treat
Speaker to be announced

Clinical Case
Romain Palich, MD - Pitié - Salpêtrière Hospital, France
 17:10Best of Posters 
 17:30Guided Poster Tour 1 
  Welcome Reception and Poster Viewing 

Day 2 - Thursday, 29 October 

 Session 4: What's in the Pipeline? Presentations from Scientists in the Industry
 8:30Philadelphia Literacy
Kathleen Squires, MD
Global Director Scientific Affairs - ID/HIV, Merck, USA
 8:45Hanneke Schuitemaker,2019 120x160
Hanneke Schuitemaker, PhD

Vice President, Head Viral Vaccine Discovery and Translational Medicine, Janssen, The Netherlands

Kirsten White, MD, PhD

Senior Director, Clinical Virology, Gilead Sciences, USA


Michael Aboud, MBChB

Global Franchise Medical Head, ViiV Healthcare, UK


Antoine Deslandes, PharmD, PhD

Scientific Advisor - Translational Medicine and Early Development, Sanofi, France

 10:15Coffee Break and Poster Viewing 
  Guided Poster Tour 2 
 Industry-Sponsored Symposium 
 11:15 Symposium 
 Session 5: Resistance to Long-Acting Antivirals

Resistance to Long-Acting Antivirals
Anne-Geneviève Marcelin, PharmD, PhD - Sorbonne Université, France


Pro-Con Debate: Long-Acting Therapy is for Patients with Poor/Good Adherence
Charles Flexner, MD - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, USA

                   Abstract-Driven Presentations
 14:153 slots 
 15:00Coffee Break 
 Session 6: Management of Viral Hepatitis

Treatment of Hepatitis B for HIV Clinicians
Anna Maria Geretti, MD, PhD - University of Liverpool, UK

 16:00Hepatitis C Resistance: Pro-Con Debate 

JM Pawlotsky, MD, PhD - University of Paris-Est, France


Francesca Ceccherini - Silberstein, PhDUniversity of Rome “Tor Vergata”, Italy


Re-Infection and Retreatment: Challenges and Approaches
Karine Lacombe, MD, PhD - Hôpital Saint Antoine Paris, France

                   Abstract-Driven Presentations 
 17:002 slots 
 17:30Guided Poster Tour 3 
 18:00End of Program Day 2 

Day 3 - Friday, 30 October 

 Session 7: PrEP and Resistance

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Overview Lecture
Constance Delaugerre, MD - Hopital Saint Louis, France

 9:00 Round Table Discussion: Challenges to Widespread PrEP in Europe 

Clinical Aspects
Milosz Parczewski, MD, PhD - Pomeranian Medical University, Poland


  Meulbroek, Michael 2019
Social Aspects
Michael Meulbroek - BCN Checkpoint, Spain


Financial Aspects
Yazdan Yazdanpanah, MD, PhDBichat Claude-Bernard Hospital, France

                   Abstract-Driven Presentations
 10:00 2 slots 
 10:30Coffee Break 
 Session 8: Vaccine Development / Immune Modulation

Gender neutral avatar 120x160
Clinical Trials on Vaccines / Vaccine as Prevention and Vaccine as Treatment
Beatriz Mothe Pujadas, MD - IrsiCaixa Foundation, Spain


TLR Agonists
Ole Søgaard, MD, PhD - Aarhus University Hospital, Denmark


Schwartz, Olivier 2020

Olivier Schwartz, PhD - Institut Pasteur, France

Reservoirs and DNA sequencing
Mathias Lichterfeld, MD, PhD - Harvard University Center for AIDS Research, USA 
 13:00Closure of the Workshop and Ricardo Camacho Awards