The workshop will be abstract-driven and will be guided by cross-cutting themes in the field of  adolescent health and HIV care. Each session will include an invited plenary session on a key issue in the field, followed by abstract presentations, debates and discussions. 

 Wednesday 2 October - Day 1

Version 11 July 2019
 Youth Leadership Program

9:00 -

Youth Leadership Program 
Designed by youth for youth
 13:00   Lunch

Vision and Aims
Elizabeth, MBChB, MD,MPH, PhD,
Kenya Medical Research Institute, Kenya
Linda-Gail Bekker, MBChB, DTMH, DCH, FCP(SA), PhD,
University of Cape Town / Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, South Africa
Rebecca Nyambeki,
National AIDS Control Council, Kenya

 14:15Opening Address
 Session 1: Structural and systematic barriers 
 14:45Keynote Lecture
 15:15Abstract #1
 15:25Abstract #2
 15:35Abstract #3
 15:45Q & A and panel discussion
 16:00   Tea Break & Poster Viewing
 16:30Keynote Presentation
 17:10Abstract #4
 17:20Abstract #5
 17:30Abstract #6 
 17:30Abstract #7 
 17:40Q & A and panel discussion
 17:55Wrap up Day 1
 Poster viewing & Welcome Reception   

Thursday 3 October - Day 2

 07:30Welcome Tea
 Session 3: Skills building sessions
 08:30Youth leadership and engagement
 Using data to inform programming
 Funding: Where is the money; top tips for raising funds’
 Communications for advocacy 
  10:00  Tea Break & Poster Viewing
  Session 4: Intervention and Service Delivery approaches 
 10:30Keynote Presentation
 11:00Abstract #8
 11:10Abstract #9
 11:20Abstract #10
 11:30Abstract #11
 11:40Q & A and discussion 
 12:00   Lunch
  Session 5: Biomedical interventions and clinical management 
 13:00 Keynote presentation - Prevention
Nyaradzo Mavis Mgodi, MBChB, MMed,
University of Zimbabwe College of Health Sciences Clinical Trials Research Centre, Zimbabwe
 13:25Keynote presentation - Treatment
Wipaporn Natalie Songtaweesin, MBBS,
Chulalongkorn University, Thailand 
 13:50Abstract #12
 14:00Abstract #13
 14:10Abstract #14
 14:20Abstract #15
 14:30Q & A and discussion
  Session 6: Communications and behavior change: interpersonal to mass media
 14:50Keynote presentation - Treatment
Georgina Caswell,
Frontline AIDS, South Africa 
 15:20Abstract #16
 15:30Abstract #17
 15:40Abstract #18
 15:50Abstract #19
 16:00Q & A and discussion
 16:20   Tea Break & Poster Viewing
 17:20    Market place: Innovation to scale, sharing space for research and implementation
All interested organizations. If you are interested please send an email to
             Sam Jackson 
 19:00    Networking dinner

Friday 4 October - Day 3

 Session 7  Mental health and psychosocial support 
 08:30 Keynote lecture
 09:00Abstract #20
 09:10Abstract #21
 09:20Abstract #22
 09:30Abstract #23
 09:40Q & A and discussion
 10:00  Tea Break
 10:30 Symposium EGPAF
 Session 8 Scaling up interventions: improving the quality and sustainability of programs
 11:30Keynote lecture
 12:00Abstract #24
 12:10Abstract #25
 12:20Abstract #26
 12:30Abstract #27
 12:40Q&A and discussion
 13:00Summary and way forward
 13:15   Lunch