Workshop on Healthy Living with HIV

  • The Workshop on Healthy Living with HIV 2020 is going VIRTUAL. As of 3 August, The European Workshop on Healthy Living with HIV 2020 has been confirmed to be held in a virtual format. We trust this decision will allow the delegates to participate in the event safely. 
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  • The meeting materials of the 2019 edition are available here.


"To help the community of future clinical leaders, who embrace an updated and relevant paradigm for the optimal care of HIV infected individuals. Focused not only on viral suppression but also on guaranteeing them optimal health throughout their lifetime. Striving to develop a clinical setting where treatment decisions consider all their implications for long term health."

Join us in our effort to build a community of HIV treating expert clinicians focusing on promoting a full and healthy life for all patients!

Over the last two decades, HIV has been transformed from a fatal disease into a chronic condition where the great majority of HIV infected individuals can look forward to a full and active life. This has been due to an increased understanding of the disease and its management, but above all to the unprecedented improvement in antiretroviral drugs.

​Not surprisingly, current management of HIV infected patients continues to be overwhelmingly influenced by the fear of AIDS, suffering and death, with treatment success measured by long term avoidance of these conditions. But in the context of the armamentarium now available to clinicians and HIV infected individuals, much loftier goals are appropriate. Clinicians should now be focused not only on avoiding AIDS but on guaranteeing HIV infected individuals a full long life with a very minimum of adverse events or co-morbidities. Planning not only for the next 5 – 10 years but for many decades to come with a healthy and productive older age. This requires clinicians adapt a proactive approach to preventing long term morbidities and incorporate this into their decision-making process when making treatment choices.

​​We look forward to welcoming you to our virtual workshop!


Meeting Objectives
  • Educate HIV clinicians on new treatment options and their long-term implications;
  • Increase the HIV clinician’s level of understanding of options for prevention of comorbidities and adverse events;
  • Help shift the clinician’s focus to the management of long-term health;
  • Encourage a proactive and protective treatment attitude;
  • Broaden the scope of HIV clinicians and enrich their knowledge of and collaboration with other medical disciplines.


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, participants will be able to:

  • Evaluate opportunities and limitations of existing E-Medicine tools in the service of HIV healthcare professionals;
  • Identify ethnic, gender and cultural considerations for Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROMS), and explain strategies to integrate those measures in the HIV clinical trials;
  • Outline relation between PROMS and adherence to therapy, and describe cultural and gender related aspects in drug taking behavior;
  • Define interventions for healthier living with HIV, including prevention of reduced renal function, and improvement of metabolic risk factors;
  • Understand challenges in implementation of pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), opportunities of new PrEP formulations, and plausible risks to long-term PrEP use.




Please take a look at our 2019 edition program.

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