The Workshop on Healthy Living with HIV utilizes multiple educational modalities allowing clinicians to develop their skills in a comprehensive and interactive environment. Besides interesting plenary talks and case discussions by leaders in the field, the workshop also includes interactive break-out sessions to discuss important questions in small groups. Participants will present their ideas and recommendations to the other participants, followed by discussion. In order to achieve greater learning outcomes and create more fruitful discussions, participants will be provided with pre-meeting learning materials to prepare themselves for discussions. Throughout the meeting, there will be plenty of opportunity for informal exchange between faculty and participants.





Day 1 - Thursday, 19 November

Time zone: CET

 15:00 PM

Welcome, Introductions and Goals


 Session 1:  E-Medicine: State of the Art and Future Challenges 
  Chairs: Jonathan Schapiro and Anton Pozniak 


15:05 PM


The Role of E-Health on the Future of Health Care
Nicky Hekster
HKSTR COMMS, the Netherlands



15:20 PM


Roundtable: Technology and Medicine Experts

  • The Liverpool Website and App
    David Back - University of Liverpool, United Kingdom
  • Stanford Database
    Robert W.Shafer - Stanford University, USA
  • 56DS
  • EMERGE Project
    Jenny Whetham - Brighton and Sussex University Hospital NHS Trust, United Kingdom
  • UK/US Technology Expert on Different E-medicine System
    Mohammad Al-Ubaydli - Patients Know Best, United Kingdom
 15:50 PMDiscussion and Q/A With All Session Speakers 
 16:10 PMBreak 
  Session 2:  Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROMS)
   Chairs: tbc 
 16:20 PMIncorporating PROMs as a Routine Component of HIV Clinical Trials
 16:35 PMPROMs: Which really matter, how to determine them?
Richard Harding
King's College London, United Kingdom
 16:50 PMPROMS and HIV
Diana Barger
Université de Bordeaux, France
 17:05 PMEthnic, Gender, and Cultural Considerations in PROMs and Their Significance
Giulio Corbelli - European Community Advisory Board, Italy
 17:20 PMDiscussion and Q/A With All Session Speakers 
 17:35 PMBreak
  Session 3:  Adherence to Therapy 
   Chairs: tbc 
 17:45 PMPROMS and Adherence
Kim Engler
McGill University Health Centre, Canada
 18:00 PMImproved adherence with non-PO medications: What are the data?
Susan Swindells
University of Nebraska Medical Center, USA
 18:15 PMAdherence in 2030 – What will HIV infected patients be taking?
Bonaventura Clotet
Hospital Universitari " Germans Trias I Pujol", Spain
 18:30 PMCultural and gender-related challenges in HIV drug-taking behavior: What have we learned in 20 years?
 18:45 PMDiscussion and Q/A With All Session Speakers 
 19:00 PMEnd of Day 1

Day 2 - Friday, 20 November

Time zone: CET

 15:00 PM

Opening words


 Session 4: Life Style and HIV 
  Chairs: tbc
 15:05 PM

Interventions for healthier living in HIV infected patients: What are the data?
François Venter 
Wits RHI, South Africa

 15:20 PM

State of the Art Lecture: Strategies to Improve Metabolic Risk Factors in HIV Infected Patients

 15:35 PM

State of the Art Lecture: Long Term Prevention of Reduced Renal Function in HIV Infected Patients
Jeremy Levy
Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, United Kingdom

 15:50 PM

Case Reports: Successful Interventions to Improve Metabolic Risk Factors in HIV Infected Individuals

 16:05 PM

Roundtable Discussion and Q/A With All Session Speakers

 16:20 PMBreak 
  Session 5: PrEP 
   Chairs: tbc
 16:30 PM

State of the Art lecture: Maximizing PrEP Use and Retention at the National Level
Julia Del Amo
Institute of Health Carlos III, Spain

 16:45 PMLong Term Impacts of PrEP – How to reduce toxicity and resistance 
Pep Coll
AIDS Research Institute-IrsiCaixa, Spain
 17:00 PMPrEP and new delivery systems: What does the future hold?
Raphael Landovitz
UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, USA
 17:15 PMCase Reports: Successful introduction of PrEP in challenging community settings
  • Czech Republic
    Zofia Bartovská - Military University Hospital Prague
  • Poland
    Justyna D. Kowalska - Medical University of Warsaw
 17:45 PMUpdate on the Development of the HIV Fourth 90 Consensus Statement
Jeffrey V. Lazarus
IsGlobal, Spain
  17:55 PMRoundtable Discussion and Q/A With All Session Speakers 

 The program is subject to change.