The program will consist of keynote talks, state-of-the-art lectures, oral abstract presentations and poster viewing sessions. Please stay tuned with us.


Day 1 - Wednesday, October 16, 2019

 9:15 AMOpening of the workshop 
 9:30 AMKeynote lecture 1

Jacques Ravel - University of Maryland School of Medicine, USA

 10:00 AMDiscussion 
 Session 1: Pathogenesis
Chairs: Jason Brenchley & Sergio Serrano Villar
 10:15 AMMoutsopoulos, Niki 2019 120x160Host-microbiome interactions at the oral mucosal barrier
Niki Moutsopoulos - NIH/NIDCR, USA

10:45 AM

Baldridge, Megan 2019 120x160Regulation of intestinal viral infections by the microbiota

Megan Baldridge - Washington University School in St. Louis, USA

  Abstract-driven presentations 
 11:15 AM 

Topics for abstract-driven presentations to be confirmed

 11:45 AMDiscussion and session evaluation 
  12:00 PMGroup Photo
  12:15 PMLunch
 Session 2: Transmission & Prevention
Chair: Gilda Tachedjian, Nichole Klatt & Jim Turpin
 1:30 PM

Baum, Marc 2019 120x160Multi-omic assessment of interactions between an intravaginal ring delivering TDF and FTC and the vaginal microbiome in a Phase 1 randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial

Marc Baum - Oak Crest Institute of Science, USA

 2:00 PM

Masson, Lindi 2019 120x160Metaproteomics to understand mucosal inflammation associated with HIV acquisition risk in young African women

Lindi Masson - University of Cape Town, South Africa

  Abstract-driven presentations
 2:30 PM

Topics for abstract-driven presentations to be confirmed

 3:15 PMDiscussion and session evaluation 
 3:30 PMWelcome drinks and poster viewing session 1 
 5:00 PMEnd of day 1 

Day 2 - Thursday, October 17, 2019

  8:30 AMSegre, Julie 2019 120xKeynote lecture2: Shotgun metagenomic sequencing and analysis of immune deficient patients’ to explore an expansion of viral, bacterial and fungal diversity


Julie Segre - National Human Genome Research Institute, NIH, USA

  9:00 AMDiscussion 
 Session 3: Comorbidities
Chairs: Roger Paredes & Peter Perrin
  9:15 AMLozupone, Cath 2015 120The relationship between the gut microbiome, inflammation and metabolic disease in HIV infected and high risk populations


Catherine Lozupone - University of Colorado Denver, USA

 9:45 AMCohen, Craig 2019 120x160Update on live biotherapeutic trials to prevent vaginal dysbiosis and HIV

Craig Cohen - University of California San Francisco, USA

 10:15 AMRouty, Jean-Pierre 2019 120x160Endotoxemia, inflammation and HIV: Revisiting an old concept 

Jean-Pierre Routy - McGill University Health Centre, Canada

  Abstract-driven presentations
 10:45 PMTopics for abstract-driven presentations to be confirmed 
 11:00 PMDiscussion and session evaluation 
 11:15 AMCoffee break and poster viewing session 2 
 Session 4: Vaccines
Chairs:  Que Dang & Jim Kublin
 11:45 AMWilliams, Wilton 2019 120x160Diversion of HIV-1 vaccine-induced immunity by gp41-intestinal microbiota cross-reactive antibodies
Wilton Williams - Duke School of Medicine, USA
  12:15 PM

Daria Hazuda, PhD

Gut microbiome perturbation by oral antibiotics leads to vaccine hypo-responsiveness
Daria Hazuda - Merck, USA

  Abstract-driven presentations
 12:45 PMTopics for abstract-driven presentations to be confirmed 
 12:45 PMDiscussion and session evaluation 
 1:00 PMLunch 
 Session 5: Therapeutics
Chair: Laurel Lagenaur
 2:00 PMSomsouk, Ma 2019 120xMicrobial therapeutics and opportunities in HIV


Ma Somsouk - University of California, San Francisco, USA

 2:30 PMPlevy, Scott 2019 120x160Development of a live biotherapeutic product: Opportunities and challenges
Scott Plevy - Synlogic, USA
  Abstract-driven presentation 
 3:00 PMTopics for abstract-driven presentations to be confirmed 
 3:30 PMPanel Discussion 
 4:00 PMSession evaluation and closing remarks