Day 1 - Thursday, 17 September 2020

 09:00 Opening of the Workshop 
 Session 1: What is new in HIV prevention?
 09:15State-of-the-art update on vaccines 
 09:45PrEP implementation in the CEE region: what are the successes, what are the barriers? 
 10:15Harm reduction strategies in drug users: what can we learn? 
 10:45 Coffee break and poster viewing 
 Session 2: HIV and viral hepatitis in women: hot topics
 11:15 ART in women: which drugs are safe and what are the challenges? 
 11:45 Management of viral hepatitis during pregnancy 
  Abstract-driven presentations 
 12:15 - 
4 slots 
 13:00Group picture and Lunch  
 Session 3: Session organized together with Hepatology Society
  Abstract-driven presentations 
 15:00 1 slot 
 15:15Coffee Break and poster viewing 
 Session 4: Debate: Do integrase inhibitors and/or TAF lead to weight gain?
 15:45Pro standpoint 
 16:00Con standpoint 
 16:15Discussion and audience voting 
 16:30Industry-sponsored symposium 
  End of Day 1
Welcome Reception and Poster Viewing
  Group Dinner

Day 2 - Friday, 18 September 2020

  Industry-sponsored symposium 
 Session 5: HIV and tuberculosis co-infection
 9:00Managing highly treatment-experienced patients: what are the new drug options? 
 9:30Long-acting therapies: which patients will benefit most? 
  Abstract-driven presentations 
 10:00 -

3 slots

 10:30Coffee Break and Poster Viewing 
  11:00Industry-sponsored symposium 
 12:00 Lunch 
 Session 6: Hot topics in HIV and hepatitis
 13:00State-of-the-art update on neurological complications of HIV-infection and treatment 
 13:25STI diagnostics in the CEE region 
 13:50The acute HCV epidemic in MSM: What have we learned thus far?  
 14:15 Hot topic 
 14:40 End of meeting