Day 1 - Wednesday, 7 October

Time zone: EDT

 10:00 Am

Opening words

Chairs (Grace Aldrovandi, Ronald Collman, Alan Landay)

 10:05 Am

Keynote: Capturing the Dynamics of Phage-bacteria Interactions in the Respiratory Tract Using Metagenomics and Metatranscriptomics
Elodie Ghedin, PhD - NIAID/NIH, USA

 10:25 Am Discussion 
 10:40 Am Break
 Session 1:  Transmission  
  ChairsCatherine Lozupone & Sergio Serrano Villar 
 10:45 Am

The Impact of Hormonal Contraception on the Vaginal Microbiome and HIV Acquisition
Adam Burgener, PhD - Case Western Reserve University, USA

 11:05 Am

Colleen F. Kelley, MD, MPH

Understanding the Rectal Mucosal Immune Environment and Potential Impacts on HIV Transmission
Colleen Kelley, MD, MPH - Emory University School of Medicine, USA

 11:25 Am

The Microbiome and SIV Acquisition
Jason Brenchley, MA, PhD - NIH, USA

 11:45 PmDiscussion & session evaluation 
 12:00 PmBreak 
  Session 2  Pathogenesis
   ChairsNichole Klatt & Jason Brenchley 
 12:10 PmIntestinal microbial communities and the intestinal microbe Holdemanella biformis isolated from HIV+/- men who have sex with men increase CCR5 expression on intestinal CD4 T cells (#O_01) (Eiko Yamada) 
 12:17 PmFecal Proteobacteria Positively Correlates with The Activation of Circulating ISGs and CD4+ T Cells in Vesatolimod-treated HIV Controllers on ART (#O_02) (Yanhui Cai)
 12:24 PmAlterations in the Gut Microbiome of HIV infected patients under Antiretroviral Therapy (#O_03) (Shilpa Ray)
 12:31 PmChanges in Gut Microbiome in HIV-Infected Individuals Undergoing Long Term Antiretroviral Therapy Receiving Rifaximin: Results of the GUTCHEK Study (#O_04) (James Virga)
 12:38 PmDiscussion & session evaluation 
 12:45 PmPoster viewing 1 (#P_01-P_07)
 13:45 PmEnd of the Day

Day 2 - Thursday, 8 October 

Time zone: EDT

 10:00 Am

Opening words

Chairs (Ronald Collman, Alan Landay)

 10:00 Am Sears, Cynthia_2020 120x160Keynote: Probing the Microbiome in Disease: From CRC to HIV
Cynthia Sears,MD -  Johns Hopkins 
 10:20 AmDiscussion 
 10:35 AmBreak 
 Session 3: Prevention 
  ChairsGilda Tachedjian & Jim Turpin
 10:40 Am

Connecting the Dots: Translating the Vaginal Microbiome into a Drug
Laurel Lagenaur, PhD - NIH, USA

 11:00 Am

Impact of Penile Microbiome on Local Immunology and HIV Susceptibility
Rupert Kaul, PhD, MD, FRCPC - University of Toronto, Canada

 11:20 Am

HIV Replication, Transmission, and the Metabolome of the Female Reproductive Tract (#O_05) (Kaitlin Marquis)

 11:27 Am

Lactic acid produced by an optimal vaginal microbiota promotes cervicovaginal epithelial barrier integrity: implications for HIV transmission (#O_06) (Brianna Jesaveluk)

 11:34 Am

Discussion & session evaluation

 11:50 AmPoster viewing 2 (#P_01-P_07) 
 Session 4: Comorbidities 
   ChairsRoger Paredes & Laurel Lagenaur
 12:20 Pm

Gut Microbiome Associations with Intestinal Cytotoxic T cells in Untreated HIV infection
Cara Wilson, MD - University of Colorado, USA

 12:40 Pm

Microbiome and Cardiometabolic risk in HIV and non-HIV Populations
Marius Troseid, MD, PhD - University of Oslo, Norway

 01:00 PmDiscussion & session evaluation 
 01:15 PmBreak 
  Session 5: Vaccines & Therapeutics 
   ChairsSatya Dandekar & Rick Bushman
 01:25 Pm

Roger Paredes, MD, PhD

The Microbiome in HIV Vaccines
Roger Paredes, MD, PhD - IrsiCaixa AIDS Research Institute, Spain

 01:45 Pm

The Impact of the Microbiome on Immunity to Vaccination in Humans
Bali Pulendran, Stanford School of Medicine, USA

 02:05 PmBaseline gut-associated microbial signatures may help predict HIV-1 viral control after treatment interruption (O_#07) (Alessandra Borgognone) 
 02:12 PmGut microbial regulation of anxiety disorder in a murine model of HIV-1 and opioid abuse (#O_08) (Shamsudheen Moidunny) 
 02:19 PmDiscussion & session evaluation 
 Closing remarks
 02:30 Pm

Closing remarks

(Grace AldrovandiRonald Collman, Alan Landay)

 The program is subject to change.