Preliminary Program


Day 1 - Monday, 28 September 2020

 02:00 PMOpening remarks

Jennifer Kiser, PharmD, PhD

Jennifer Kiser PharmD, PhD - University of Colorado, United States


 Kimberly Scarsi, PharmD


Kimberly Scarsi PharmD, MS - University of Nebraska, United States


Session 1:  Key note lectures

 02:15 PM

Lamorde, Mohammed 2019 120x160

Emerging infections and Biosecurity
Mohammed Lamorde, FRCP, PhD - Infectious Diseases Institute, Makerere University College of Health Sciences, Uganda

 02:45 PM

Edmund Capparelli, PharmD

Pharmacology of bnAbs
Edmund Capparelli, PharmD - University of California San Diego, United States

 03:15 PM

Bendayan, Reina 2020 120x160

Novel pharmacological approaches for HIV-Associated Brain - Inflammation: PK/ PD Considerations
Reina Bendayan, PhD - University of Toronto, Canada

 03:45 PMDiscussion 
 04:00 PMCoffee break 
 Session 2
 04:30 PM

Cattaneo, Dario 2019 120x160

Role of herbs, vitamins and supplements in DDIs (Case-Based Lecture)
Dario Cattaneo, Pharm.D, PhD - Luigi Sacco University Hospital, Italy

 05:00 PMHine, Paul 2020 120x160The Role of Broad-Spectrum Antivirals in Severe Infections: A Clinical Case (the monkeypox - case)
Paul Hine, PhD - Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen University Hospitals NHS Trust, United Kingdom
 05:30 PMRound table discussion on selecting Experimental/Empirical Therapies 
 06:00 PMWelcome reception and poster viewing 

Day 2 - Tuesday, 29 September 2020

 Session 3: Management of  Long-Acting Antivirals
 08:30 AM

Marta Boffito, MD, PhD, FRCP

DDIs: How to manage the tail
Marta Boffito MD, PhD, FRCP - Chelsea-Westminster Hospital, United Kingdom

 08:55 AM

Gulick, Roy (2) 2019 120x160

Pharmacological/Clinical Considerations in Unstudied Populations
Roy M. Gulick, MD, MPH - Weill Cornell Medicine, United States

 09:20 AM

Gender neutral avatar 120x160

Pharmaco-Economics of Long-Acting Antivirals
Speaker to be announced

 09:45 AM


 Abstract-driven presentations
 10:00 AMAbstract 1 
 10:15 AMAbstract 2 
 10:30 AMCoffee break and poster viewing
 Session 4
 11:30 AM

Charles Flexner, MD

Development of Novel Drugs/Devices
Charles Flexner, MD - Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, United States

 11:55 AM

Bonora, Stefano 2012 120x160

Two versus Three Drugs: Pharmacological Focus - What About Compartments and Inflammation?
Stefano Bonora, MD - University of Turin, Italy

 12:20 PMDiscussion 
 Abstract-driven presentations
 12:30 PMAbstract 3 
 12:45 PMAbstract 4 
 01:00 PMLunch and group photo 
 Session 5: Everything you always wanted to know about Clinical Pharmacology (But were afraid to ask)
 02:00 PMPanel discussion with faculty answering; Pre-collected questions 
 03:00 PMPoster presentations: "Best of Posters"
5 Posters
 03:30 PMCoffee break and poster viewing
 Session 6: Abstract-driven presentations 
 04:30 PMAbstract 5 
 04:40 PMAbstract 6 
 04:50 PMAbstract 7 
 05:00 PMAbstract 8 
 05:10 PMAbstract 9 
 05:20 PMDiscussion 
 05:30 PM

Debate:  TAF versus TDF 

Giovanni di Perri, MD, PhD

TAF advocate
Giovanni di Perri MD, PhD - University of Turin, Italy


Castillo-Mancilla, Jose 2019 120x160

TDF Advocate
José Castillo - Mancilla MD - University of Colorado Hospital, United States

 06:15 PMEnd of day 2 
 07:00 PMWorkshop dinner 

Day 3 - Wednesday, 30 September 2020

 Session 7: Pharmacological consideration
 08:30 AMRadix, Asa 2019 120x160Physiologic changes during gender-affirming care
Asa Radix, MD, PhD, MPH, FACP - Callen-Lorde Community Health Center, United States
 08:50 AMCottrell, Mackenzie 2020 120x160Pharmalogical aspects of gender-affirming care for transgender individuals
Mackenzie Cottrell, PharmD - University of North Carolina, United States
 09:10 AM

Abrams, Elaine 2020 120x160

Update on PADO4: Pediatric Focus
Abrams, Elaine MD - Columbia University Irving Medical Center, United States

 09:30 AM

Colbers, Angela - 2019 120x160

Update WHO: Pregnancy Focus
Angela Colbers, PhD - Radboudumc, the Netherlands

 09:50 AM


 10:00 AMCoffee break
  10:30 AMPoster presentation (Best of Posters)
5 posters
 Session 8: Drug-Drug Interactions
 11:00 AM


Arya, Vikram 2020 120x160

Perspectives on the use of Endogenous Biomarkers to assess Transporter Mediated Drug-Drug Interactions
Vikram Arya, PhD, FCP - Food and Drug Administration, United States

 11:30 AMDiscussion 
 Abstract-driven presentations
 11:45 AMAbstract 10 
 12:00 PMAbstract 11 
 12:15 PMAbstract 12 
 12:30 PMClosing of workshop and lunch