Sponsors - Endorsers

Financial backing from the corporate community will help us deliver an impactful and essential meeting experience. This collaboration plays a vital role in both the organization as well as the scientific success of the program.

Your financial support will help to significantly advance the field by providing healthcare professionals with a platform to present findings, discuss conclusions, and create strategies for the future. To show your commitment to the cause and get in touch with us for a tailored support package, please contact Alice Posthumus-Plantinga at alice@vironet.comï or call +31 6 224 82 179.


Join us to enjoy our premium sponsorship benefits such as satellite symposium slots, discounts on exhibition space and advertising opportunities. 

Titanium level sponsors


Scholarship supporter

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Endorser support and collaboration plays a key role in APACC. Endorsing organisations receive a 25% discount on registration fees. Get in touch if you would like your organization to be part of APACC 2020. 

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