15 October, 15:30-16:30 Bangkok time

ViiV Healthcare

Plenary room

Putting the Person Back Into Person-Centered Care and Treatment

A central tenet of medicine is that people living with the HIV (PLHIV) should be involved in the decision-making that affects their lives. In this symposium, you will hear from experts on why and how the experiences of PLHIV can inform care delivery and identify needs of drug discovery; learn how current and future antiretroviral therapies can address these needs.

16 October, 15:30-16:30 Bangkok time

Plenary room

HIV Management During COVID-19: What to Do & What Not to Do


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Candid Conversations from the Frontline – Supporting the HIV & Sexual Health Workforce Throughout the COVID-19 Pandemic  

A series of candid conversations from across the region on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the frontline workforce in our sector. To help respond to their unique needs of the HIV, BBV and SRH workforce during this turbulent time, ASHM initiated a COVID-19 Taskforce and Regional Advisory Group to provide support and advice. Join us as we discuss what went well in the rapid adaptation of services, what mistakes we can learn from, the innovations healthcare workers hope to continue into the new normal and the importance of protecting the mental health of healthcare workers through uncertainty. 


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Translating Research Evidence into Action: CIPHER Grant Programme in the Asia Pacific Region

Through its Grant Programme, the IAS Collaborative Initiative for Paediatric HIV Education and Research (CIPHER) provides seed funding to early-stage investigators to address critical research gaps, while providing a unique opportunity for professional development. A key aim of the programme is to build research capacity within resource-limited settings by fostering the next generation of investigators in paediatric and adolescent HIV. CIPHER is hosting this evidence to action forum with the ambition to increase implementers’ and country level policy makers’ engagement in ongoing research as well as to faster translation of evidence into tangible actions. This symposium will be an opportunity to meet CIPHER Grantees based in the Asia Pacific region and learn more on their research while also discussing the barriers and challenges faced by early-stage investigators to receive research grants and develop professionally.


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