The 2019 program will consist of the following sessions.

  • capacity-building sessions,
  • state-of-the-art lectures,
  • debates,
  • panel discussion sessions,
  • abstract presentations,
  • poster discussion sessions,
  • guided poster walks, and
  • poster viewing sessions.

Capacity-building sessions

Critical reading/ bias in clinical research

Dr Matthew Law and Dr Awachana Jiamsakul, The Kirby Institute, UNSW Sydney

This session will focus on how to evaluate biases and weaknesses in different types of epidemiological studies, such as cohort vs case-control studies, and will provide participants with knowledge of how to handle critical data issues such as the presence of missing data. These skills will enable participants to critically appraise and make informed decisions when reviewing a scientific research article.

Preparing for publication in Lancet journals

Richard Henderson, Senior Editor, Lancet in HIV.

Richard Henderson will give an overview of the reporting guidelines for the different study types and the essential elements of a successful submission for Lancet journals. Topics covered will include what editors look for, authorship, paper structure, submission and peer review, conflicts of interest, and referencing.

Online clinical management tools

Dr Jonathan Schapiro, Sheba Medical Centre and Dr Saye Khoo, University of Liverpool

HIV dedicated websites and Apps can assist clinicians in the routine care of patients. Two of these commonly used include The Stanford University HIV Drug Resistance Database ( and the University of Liverpool HIV Drug Interactions Website and App ( Jonathan Schapiro and Saye Khoo will provide a workshop style interactive capacity building session focused on assisting clinicians in integrating these tools into their routine practice.