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COLDA 2019 featured an exceptional program with invited lecturers, round table discussions, and interactive participation from delegates.

Parallel Pre-meeting Training Workshops
Two parallel pre-meeting training workshops took place. 

This parallel session consisted of two separate presentations. 

Basic upper endoscopy

• Identification of the scope
• Introduction if the scope

Basic colonoscopy
• Identification of the scope
• Introduction of the scope
• Identification of Cecum
• Loop management

2. Point of care testing

This workshop was hosted by FIND - Foundation for Innovative New Diagnostics.
Insufficient coverage of viral hepatitis testing services is a major barrier to increase access to care and eventually eliminate hepatitis B (HBV) and hepatitis C (HCV) virus. HBV and HCV testing services can be substantially improved by expanding the use of existing and introducing new diagnostic tools.

This two-hour session covered key concepts on both HBV and HCV and included a ‘wet’ training in which demonstrations were provided on some of the available diagnostic technologies.

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 The 2019 program consisted of the following sessions:

  • Capacity-building sessions
  • State-of-the-art lectures
  • Panel discussion sessions
  • Abstract presentations
  • Clinical case discussions