Managing Today’s Complex HIV Patients

It is our pleasure to announce that the Symposium on Managing Today's Complex HIV Patients is scheduled to take place from 9:00-11:00 AM on 2 October 2019. This symposium will take place in Washington DC at Infectious Disease Week at the Walter E. Washington Convention Center.


Despite improved antiretroviral regimens, virological failure and emergence of drug resistance is still a problem worldwide. This includes both patients recently infected as well as those veteran of older regimens. Overall viral suppression among PLWHIV in the USA is 55% and adherence is often sub optimal. Ultimately, this leads to an increasing number of HIV patients with limited treatment options. Patients with limited treatment options require greater knowledge and understanding to manage in terms of adherence, resistance, ageing, comorbidities & polypharmacy. Thus, they can be considered complex HIV patients. Many HIV treating clinicians who have entered the field in the last decade have little knowledge of resistance and drug-drug interactions due to the ease at which first line patients can often be prescribed. HIV physicians need to be educated in identifying and managing the complex HIV patient. HIV physicians need to be educated on new antiretroviral drugs for optimizing treatment of complex HIV patients.


This activity is intended for all HIV health care professionals as some patients in their clinic will have limited treatment options and require management as complex patients.


Create an opportunity to educate HIV treating clinicians on the optimal identification and management of complex patients, specifically addressing:

  • Tools to properly Identify patients in their practice that merit care as complex patients
  • Resistance considerations
  • Polypharmacy, drug-drug interactions and co-morbidities
  • New treatment options and how best to integrate them in to care
  • Utilize interactive case-based discussion with expert clinicians knowledgeable on treating complex patients


At the completion of the satellite symposium participants will have:

  • Improved knowledge of the definition on complex patients and the challenges of their care
  • Acquired tools and understanding on how best to Identify the complex HIV patient in their clinical practice
  • Greater understanding of the new treatment options available for these patients
  • Learned how best to integrate these new drugs in to optimal combination regimens
  • Improved skills on managing drug-drug interactions and toxicities in these complex patients


Program Directors


Marriott Marquis Washington DC
901 Massachusetts Ave NW,
Washington, DC 20001, USA
Located in the Library Salon