International Workshop on HBV Cure 2020

Despite our best efforts to hold the International Workshop on HBV Cure as a live program, the Organizing Committee and Virology Education have concluded that it is best to hold the workshop virtually.

Fortunately, this provides new format opportunities and enables us to offer the workshop in two parts. One will take place before the AASLD Liver Meeting and one will take place after to discuss the results.

 Since 2014, the International Workshop on HBV Cure has been a scientific platform that acts as a catalyst to accelerate the progress for achieving a cure. Around the globe, more than 250 million people are chronically infected with hepatitis B (HBV). The purpose of the workshop is to inform the participants about the developments in the possibilities to find a cure for HBV. The meeting will be highly interactive with input from experts out of the arena of basic, translational, and clinical HBV research.

The field of HBV treatment is undergoing major changes and is on the verge of a paradigm shift. The many new treatment options that are becoming available are providing great hopes for decreasing the burden of the disease, simplifying treatment, and ultimately curing and eradicating HBV infection.

In order to optimize curative treatment for HBV, outstanding speakers from around the globe will share the newest therapeutic options for viral hepatitis, and experts will discuss the path forward to cure this deadly disease, leading to liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Questions on which endpoints to use in therapeutic trials and how to combine different agents targeting the virus and/or immune system will be extensively discussed.

This workshop also brings together global inter-disciplinary experts to provide a framework for how academia and industry should collaborate to achieve the goal of curing hepatitis B.

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