The 6th edition of the International HBV Cure Workshop featured the world's most prominent and distinguished speakers that discussed the most current and trending issues in the field. 


 Wednesday, 6 November 2019


Harry Janssen
Toronto Centre for Liver Disease, Canada

 Session 1: Review of Nucleoside analogue Stopping studies
Chairs: tbd
 8:10Stopping Nucleos(t)ide Analogues: Clinical outcomes of HBs Loss, retreatment and flares
 8:25Virological biomarkers in patients stopping Nucs

Immunological response after stopping Nucs
Andre Boonstra
Erasmus Medical Center, the Netherlands

 Session 2: New Endpoints and Biomarkers
Chairs: tbd & tbd
 9:20 AM

Review of the FDA/EMA HBV Endpoints Meeting
Fabien Zoulim
INSERM, France

 9:35 AMAre HBcrAg, HBV RNA and anti-HBc Viable Biomarkers
 9:50 AMAre ALT Flares Associated with Improved Virological Clearance
 10:05 AMDiscussion
 Session 3: How to make immunology curative
Chairs: Adam gehring & tbd
 10:40 PM

High Resolution of Exhausted T cells Ex Vivo in Chronic HBV Infection
Robert Thimme
University of Freiburg, Germany

 10:55 PMRestoration of B cell Antibody Production in Chronic HBV patients
 11:10 PM

Using FNAB to Investigate Intrahepatic Immunology
Adam Gehring
Toronto Centre for Liver Disease, Canada

 11:25 AMSpringbank RIG-I Agonist (Inarigivir)
 11:35 AMGilead TLR8 agonist (GS-9688)
Simon Fletcher
Gilead Sciences
 11:45 AM

Roche TLR-7 agonist
Lu Gao
Roche, China

 11:55 AMDiscussion
 12:30 PMLunch
 Session 4: Update on Viral Targets for HBV/HDV Therapy 
Chairs: tbd
 1:30 PMMechanisms of cccDNA Maintenance and progress on Measurement
 1:45 PM

Capsid inhibitor/cccDNA Inhibitor - Roche
Lu Gao

Roche, China

 1:55 PMAssembly Capsid Inhibitor
 2:05 PMsIRNA based therapy for Chronic Hepatitis B Treatment
Michael Biermer
 2:15 PM 
 2:25 PMMyrB + IFN effect on HBV & HDV
 2:35 PMHDV Trials
 2:45 PM Discussion
 3:30 PMCoffee Break
 Session 5: New Drug Combinations and Study Design
Chairs: tbd
 3:45 PMFDA Guidance on New Combinations
Poonam Mishra
US Food and Drug Administration, United States
 4:00 PMHypothesized Synergies in new cobmination treatment beyond nucs
 4:15 PMStudy Design with New Combinations
 4:30 PMDiscussion
 5:15 PMClosure of workshop
Harry Janssen
 6:30 PMNetworking Dinner