Practical Information

We trust that the following information will assist you in organizing your registration and stay.

Meeting Venue

This year the International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence will be held in Lukasa, Zambia. We will announce the specific venue as soon as we have a final confirmation.


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Accommodation is not included within the registration fee.

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Participants will be provided a badge at the registration desk at the conference venue.

All participants are kindly requested to wear the badge at all times during the conference.

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Certificate of Attendance

A certificate of attendance will be sent to you within two weeks of the workshop's conclusion.

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Conference Language

The official language will be English.

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Conference Materials

Conference materials can be obtained upon registration at the registration desk at the venue.

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This workshop is intended for education purposes only and aims to offer participants the opportunity to share information. The Organizing Secretariat of this workshop, Virology Education, cannot accept any liability for the scientific content of the sessions or for any claims which may result from the use of information or publications from this workshop. Virology Education relinquishes all liability for injuries or losses of any nature incurred by individuals attending the workshop.

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Organizing Secretariat

Virology Education B.V.
Biltstraat 106
3572 BJ Utrecht
P: +31 30 230 7140
F: +31 30 230 7148

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Payment of Online Registration

The registration fee of individual participants can be paid only by credit card. Your registration will be processed and confirmed after receipt of payment. Payment can be processed either on-line or by credit card authorization. The registration fee is valid on the day of the receipt of credit card details. If your payment or credit card information has not been received within 2 weeks of the on-line registration your registration will be cancelled without further notice.

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Photographs, Audio, and Video Recording

We do not permit recordings of official meeting sessions either via photograph or other audio/video recording devices.

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Related Meetings and Events

For information regarding the organisation of meetings and events with topics related to this workshop we kindly request for you to contact the secretariat.

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Travel Documents

Before you travel we advise you to check the visa requirements. You can find information by following this link: 

Upon request, we can provide an official letter of invitation. This is designed to help overcome administrative difficulties in certain countries during the visa application process. This letter does not represent a commitment on the part of the organization to provide any financial assistance. The organizing secretariat cannot assist in submitting visa applications.

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