The International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence 2020 will be abstract-driven and guided by cross-cutting themes in the field of adolescent health and HIV care. Each session will include an invited plenary session on a key issue in the field, followed by abstract presentations, debates, and discussions.

Youth in Action

The first half day of the International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence is dedicated to Youth In Action and is comprised of skill-building sessions to enhance the leadership skills of young people. The sessions will be designed and given by young people, for young people, and will aim to reach a local and international audience to pass on skills, knowledge, and confidence to engage and collaborate with HIV and adolescence experts.

Meaningful youth engagement is the key to achieving the strongest HIV response tailored to this target population. If you are young person, it is essential that you show your peers how you learn from your successes and confront your struggles, and by doing so, you will give valuable insight to others including researchers, implementers, funders, and policymakers to optimize approaches for a bigger impact.

Click here to read the take-away message from last year’s Youth In Action half-day and get inspired on how to demonstrate your impact: Youth In Action - Recommendations