The program proposals submission for International Workshop on HIV & Adolescence is closed. The deadline was August 14

Keep in mind that the proposal process is highly competitive: we are looking for innovative proposals that are developed with the strong leadership of young people.

Regular session
The program will have 60-minute regular sessions in the plenary room. In each session, one of the key issues in the field will be discussed with the overall objective to share experiences, knowledge, and best practices. It is important to have speakers that are able to communicate to a very diverse audience (young people, researchers, programmers, implementers, and healthcare professionals amongst others).

Skill-building workshop
On the second workshop day, we offer skill-building workshops to our delegates. The 120-minute interactive workshops focus on transferring knowledge through participatory learning in order to build and strengthen the skills of the delegates. Last year, we had workshops on funding, youth leadership, communication, and how to best use data to give some inspiration.

To ensure full consideration, program proposals must be submitted on or before August 14, 2020, 23:59 CEST. Proposals submitted after this deadline will not be considered.

Your proposal should contain the following information:
Regular session
1. Title of the session
2. Topic of the session
3. Target audience
     • How do you ensure your session is digestible for Young People and interesting for other delegates?
4. Session Learning Objectives:
     • What is the need for this session?
     • What do you expect the participants to learn from your session?
5. Format of the session
     • What format will be used for the session (Debate, Round table, Invited Speakers etc.)
6. Information on the speakers (Affiliation, Expertise)

Skill-building workshop
1. Title of the workshop
2. Target audience
     • How do you ensure your session is interesting for both Young People and other delegates?
3. Session Learning Objectives
     • What is the need for this session?
     • What skills will delegates learn from this session?
4. Format of the session (a preference will be given to interactive sessions)
     • What interactive techniques will be used to keep the participants engaged?
5. Information on the facilitators (2 facilitators with at least 1 Young Person)

General requirements
- Proposals must be submitted in English;
- The topic should be related to HIV & Adolescence;
- All submissions must be submitted the online submission portal; and
- Incomplete submissions will not be considered. Please make sure to press the submit button when submitting your proposal.

Selection Process
Proposals are selected to ensure the HIV & Adolescence workshop offers a comprehensive, innovative, and varied program. Priority will be given to proposals with strong youth leadership.
Please note: the organizing committee may invite you to present in a different format than the one you have suggested.

You will receive an email acknowledging receipt of your proposal. This might arrive in your spam/junk folder. If you did not receive a receipt, your proposal has most likely not been submitted. Contact Rikke Rode at if you have submitted a proposal but have not received the receipt.
Notification will be sent in September, 2020.