Preliminary Program


Day 1 - Thursday, October 1st

 9:00 AM

Opening of the Workshop

 Session 1: What are the major gaps in pharmacology in aging?
 9:15 AM

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Pharma perspective
Andrew Clark, MD - ViiV Healthcare, Brentford, UK

 9:40 AMCastillo-Mancilla, Jose 2019 120x160
Aging, monitoring drug levels, changing dosing, adherence; long-acting agents
Jose Castillo-Mancilla, MD - University of Colorado - AMC, Denver, CO,  USA
 10:05 AMFDA perspective
Speaker to be confirmed
 10:30 AMDiscussion 
  Abstract-driven presentations 
 10:45 AMAbstract-driven presentations 
  3 slots 
 11:30 AMLunch 
 Session 2: Neuro Session
 12:30 PM

Nath, Avindra 2011 120x160

Avindra Nath, MD -  NIH, Bethesda, MD, USA

 12:55 PM

Russell Tracy, Ph.D., Colchester Research Facility

Biomarkers to distinguish and specific to vascular
Russell Tracy, PhD - University of Vermont, College of Medicine, Burlington, VT, USA

 1:20 PM

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Oral health with aging/Periodontal disease and dementia
Mony de Leon, PhD - NYU Medical School, New York, NY, USA

  Abstract-driven presentations
 1:45 PMAbstract-driven presentations  
  2 slots 
 2:15 PMDiscussion 
 2:30 PMCoffee Break 
 Session 3: Sensory diseases and aging
 3:00 PM

Jabs, Douglas 2020 120x160

Eye disease and HIV
Douglas Jabs, MBA, MD, MS, - Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA

 3:30 PM

Ellis, Ronald - 2020 120x160

Ronald Ellis, MD, PhD  - UCSD, San Francisco, CA, USA

  Abstract-driven presentations 
 4:00 PMAbstract-driven presentations 
  2 slots 
 4:30 PMDiscussion 
 4:45 PMWelcome Drinks and Poster Viewing Session 1 
  Guided Poster Tour 1 

Day 2 - Friday, 2 October

 7:30 AMCurrier, Judith 2020 120x160Mentoring breakfast and table discussions
Guest Speaker: Judith Currier, MD, MPC - UCLA - David Geffen School of Medicine, Los Angeles, CA, USA
 Session 4: Bone: what are the implications with less TDF, the importance of bone vs falls 
 9:00 AM

Yin, Michael 2019 120x160
Should we still care about bone, screening, treatment,
Michael Yin, MD - Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY, USA

 9:25 AM

Falls and fractures, treatment, prevention
Todd Brown, MD, PhD - Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD,  USA

  Abstract-driven presentations 
 9:50 AM2 slots 
 10:15 AMDiscussion 
 10:30 AMCoffee Break and Poster Viewing Session 2 
  Guided Poster Tour 2 
 Session 5: Fat

11:00 AM

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ART-associated issues, fat and muscle density, the significance of ART-associated weight gain on aging
Jordan Lake, MD, MSc - UTHealth, USA, Houston, TX, USA

 11:30 AMGender neutral avatar 120x160
Fatty liver and implications for aging
Giada Sebastiani, MD - McGill University Health Centre, Montreal, Canada
  Abstract-driven presentations 
 12:00 PMAbstract-driven presentations 
  2 slots 
 12:30 PMDiscussion 
 12:45 PMLunch 
 Session 6: HIV / geri clinic 
 1:45 PM

Boffito, Marta 2019 120x160

HIV over-50-years clinic in London
Marta Boffito, MD, PhD - Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK

 2:00 PM

Meredith Greene, MD

Geriatric HIV consultation clinic at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital
Meredith Greene, MD - UCSF, San Francisco, CA, USA

 2:15 PMNYC  
 2:45 PMPanel discussion 
 3:45 PMClosing of the Workshop