International Workshop on HIV and Transgender People

Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the organization of the first Workshop focusing on the challenges met by transgender individuals living with HIV: the International Workshop on HIV & Transgender People, scheduled to take place in July 2019 in Mexico City, just prior to IAS2019.

Medical and clinical information on transgender individuals and their struggles living with HIV are sparse. In most clinical studies, the transgender population is underrepresented and if included, usually misclassified as men who have sex with men (MSM). This is an enormous gap in the knowledge of health care professionals on the needs, challenges and barriers faced by individuals undergoing transgender transformation.

This workshop is the first initiative to gather cross-disciplinary experts in a workshop setting to discuss the medical, clinical and social challenges faced by transgender individuals living with HIV. Through didactic lectures and sharing best practices based on real life experiences, we want to create a scientific platform for those who are actively involved in the health care of transgender individuals living with HIV.

This workshop aims to reduce the knowledge gap by stimulating the cross-disciplinary exchange of information and improve the quality of life for HIV-infected transgender individuals.