International Workshop on HIV and Transgender People

bellas-artes-469321Dear Colleagues,

It is our pleasure to announce the International Workshop on HIV & Transgender People, scheduled to take place on 20 July 2019 in Mexico City, just prior to IAS 2019.

This workshop is a much-needed initiative to gather cross-disciplinary experts in a workshop setting to discuss the medical, clinical and social challenges faced by transgender people at risk for and living with HIV. Through didactic lectures and the sharing of best practices based on real-life experiences, we want to create a scientific platform to discuss opportunities and challenges in the provision of health care for transgender people.

This workshop aims to reduce the knowledge gap by stimulating the cross-disciplinary exchange of information and improve the quality of life for transgender people at risk for and living with HIV.

¿Necesita traducción? ¡No hay problema! Para minimizar la barrera idiomática y maximizar la experiencia de aprendizaje, estaremos traduciendo simultáneamente las presentaciones y discusiones del inglés al español y vice versa.

No English?  No problem! To minimize the language barrier and maximize the learning experience, lectures and discussions will be simultaneously translated from English to Spanish and vice versa.