Fiona Marra, PhD

Fiona Marra is Principal Pharmacist and part of the Editorial Board of the University of Liverpool, Drug Interactions websites, where she writes the content. She works clinically in Glasgow where is Lead Clinician for paediatric Infectious Disease for Scotland and senior pharmacist for adult HIV/HCV.
Fiona is completing a PhD in Clinical Pharmacology and has completed diplomas in International development and travel medicine and an MSc in Advanced Pharmacy. Fiona sits on the Committees of the British HIV Association (BHIVA) Hepatitis Group, the Scottish Malaria Group and is part of the Editorial board of Scottish paediatric Infection and Immunology network (SPAIIN). She is an author of the EASL Recommendations for HCV 2018 and lectures globally on HIV and HCV drug interactions. She has published substantially in this field.


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