Fu-Sheng Wang, MD, PhD

Fu-Sheng Wang is the Director of both the Research Center for Biological Therapy and the Beijing Institute of Infectious Diseases. He received training as a post-doctor in the Department of Medical Oncology at Mount Sinai, New York University in United States. In 2005, he was awarded the outstanding youth in National Natural Foundation of Sciences in China. In 2007, he has been elected to be the director of Infection and Immunity Association, Chinese Association of Immunology, as well the associate director of Beijing Association of Immunology. Dr. Wang is also the Principle Investigator for National 973 Program in Viral Hepatitis. He is also a key member for formulating the national regulations for autologous adoptive immune therapy for patients with chronic viral hepatitis and AIDS disease.

As a physician-scientist, Dr. Wang currently focuses on study from clinical immune characterization to immune intervention (including the mesenchymal stem cell therapy) in patients with chronic HBV/HCV/HIV-1 infection.

He has published more 200 papers in both national and international journal, including more than 80 English papers in journals including Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Blood, Journal of Immunology, New Engl J Med, Journal of Hepatology and European Journal of Immunology. Currently, he serves as a reviewer for 12 national journals and over 10 international journals and is the academic editor for PLoS ONE and the member of editorial board in journals like Hepatology, Clinical Immunology, Immunology, Hepatology International, and Cellular and Molecular Immunology

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