Zhang, Fujie_2015_120x160Dr. Fujie Zhang is Director of Clinical and Research Center of Infectious Diseases Beijing Ditan Hospital, Capital Medical University, and used to be as a director of division of Treatment and Care, National Center of AIDS/STD Control and Prevention, Chinese CDC from 2001 to 2015. He is an infectious disease physician and professor of medicine in China and was also trained in epidemiology and laboratory research. He established China’s Free ART cohort in 2002 and has been leading this National Free Antiretrovirals Therapy Program since then. The database of China’s free treatment cohort contains the records of 360,000 patients, covering nearly all Chinese patients who have received ARV, which data could well reflect the HIV treatment situation of the country and is characterized by high prevalence of HBV/HCV co-infections as well as a heterogeneous population regarding HIV transmission routes (intravenous drug users, sexual transmission, and former plasma donors et al). Dr. Zhang’s major research interests involve ART utility and outcome evaluation in resource limited settings, and co-infections especially hepatitis B/C viruses. He has published a number of significant studies based on the national cohort including both HIV-infected adults and children, which shed light on the evaluation of ART program implemented in a vast country.

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