Godwin W. Nchinda, PhD

Nchinda, Godwin 2016 120x160For the last twenty three years, Dr. Godwin W. Nchinda, PhD, has focused his attention in developing model vaccines that could be easily translated into clinics against infectious diseases and tumors. He studied Microbiology in the University of Calabar, Nigeria and spent four years thereafter in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka working on a NIH Grant where they developed a feed based vaccine against Newcastle disease virus infections in free range chickens. During his Ph.D thesis (1998-2001) he learned how to design and evaluate model SIV/HIV vaccines under the mentorship of Dr. K. Überla, Professor of Molecular Virology in the University of Leipzig Germany. Next, he did a two year postdoc in the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany where he continued characterization HIV/SIV vaccines. During the next 7 years (2003-2010), he worked under the mentorship of Dr. Ralph Steinman (2011 Nobel prize for Medicine) of the Rockefeller University USA, where they developed new forms of HIV, TB, Malaria and Tumor vaccines by harnessing Dendritic cells.

In 2008, he was certified as a clinical and translational research scientist by the Rockefeller University. He relocated to CIRCB, Yaounde Cameroon in 2010 where they are now optimizing dendritic cell targeted HIV-1 vaccines for clinical evaluation in Cameroon. The first in human evaluation of a Cameroon developed HIV-1 vaccine is envisaged in 2017. In addition, they are studying the phenotypic and functional properties of various immune’s cells in the context of co-morbidies with HIV-1 infection. They are looking particularly at the impact of malaria, HBV, HCV, HPV and TB in the long term management of HIV-1 especially in remote areas of Cameroon. They are also actively training young research scientists at the Msc and Ph.D level to perform cutting edge science. He is currently cumulating his duties as the Deputy Director General of CIRCB with managing the laboratory of microbiology and immunology. They have been funded by TWAS, EDCTP, Canada Grand Challenge, Italy, Germny, Korea and Norway. However the Cameroonian government has been our greatest funder.