Golovin, Sergey

Golovin, Sergey 2017Sergey Golovin has worked in the field of healthcare and treatment access for over 7 years, specializing in monitoring prices and availability of essential medicines and linking IP issues with the treatment access agenda. Currently, Sergey is employed as Intellectual Property and Access Lead at the Treatment Preparedness Coalition in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, supervising a variety of research and advocacy project with a focus on ways to improve treatment access using the resources of community organizations. Sergey Golovin has been a co-author of a number of articles and reports dedicated to treatment access issues, including a series of reports on HCV and HIV drug procurement in Russia, report on the community response to the HCV Epidemic in EECA, article about safety and efficacy of generic products imported for personal use etc. He has also delivered numerous trainings in the field of treatment access for community activists across the globe.


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