Henriëtte J Scherpbier, MD, PhD

Henriette J Scherpbier, MD, PhD,  started in 1971 her medical education at the University of Groningen, where she graduated in 1979. She specialized in pediatrics at the Emma Children’s Hospital in Amsterdam. Since 1985 she became a staff member at the department of Pediatrics at the Academic Medical Centre, University of Amsterdam. Until know she is working at the Department of Pediatric Immunology, Rheumatology, Infectious Diseases and General Pediatrics.

Since 1986, she became interested via Prof dr Joep Lange in hiv/aids. Prof dr Leon Epstein, neurologist, invited her to stay at the Children’s Hospital Newark, New Jersey, USA. Shortly after she returned, the first children with aids were seen by her in Amsterdam. Since 1987 she participates in the European Collaborative Study (ECS) on Vertical HIV Transmission. Since 1988 she is participating in the PENTA Steering Committee. She is involved in international and national studies on hiv-exposed and -infected children.

The Emma Children’s Hospital is one of the 4 accredited pediatric HIV centers in the Netherlands. During her academic career she facilitated hiv research and published together with Dutch and international colleagues. In 2006 she defended her thesis: HAART in HIV-1 infected children, 10 years of clinical experience.

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