Ivan Vujkovic-Cvijin, PhD

Vujkovic-Cvijin, Ivan 2017 120Ivan Vujkovic-Cvijin is a Cancer Research Institute Irvington Postdoctoral Fellow in the Mucosal Immunology Section (Chief: Yasmine Belkaid) at the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Disease in Bethesda, MD. Ivan received his PhD in Immunology from the Biomedical Sciences Program of the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) in 2015, where he was among the first to describe HIV-associated shifts in the gut microbiome and their potential link to HIV disease progression. His work is broadly centered on dissecting relationships between host-associated microbes and the human immune system, with a focus on developing tools and methodologies to identify immunostimulatory and immunoregulatory microbiome constituents that impact human disease.

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