Julià Blanco, PhD

Blanco, Julian 2017Julià Blanco (PhD in Biochemistry, University of Barcelona, 1994) is the leader of the Cellular Virology and Immunology Group at the AIDS Research Institute IrsiCaixa (Badalona, Barcelona, Spain).

Dr. Blanco has extensively studied the role of HIV envelope glycropotein (Env) in virus-cell or cell-to-cell interactions and HIV cytopathicity in a translational environment. The knowledge generated on the HIV envelope glycoprotein function has been useful to analyze the mechanisms of action of anti Env drugs and Anti Env antibodies, contributing to a better understanding of antibody protection from HIV acquisition and spread. This work allowed him to cofound the spinoff AlbaJuna Therapeutics that develops synthetic antibodies against HIV

In parallel, his team has developed experimental models for the analysis of cell-to-cell HIV transmission and Env induced cell death. Dr Blanco has also explored the mechanisms involved in CD4 T cell depletion in HIV infected individuals by analyzing the contribution of virological and immunological factors (immunosenescence, inflammation) that modulate both, the immunological damage induced by HIV and the immunological recovery after successful antiretroviral therapy. 

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