Kanengo Zoe Nakamba

Zoe Nakamba  , Zambia Network of Young living with HIV, Zambia

Zoe Nakamba , Zambia Network of Young living with HIV, Zambia

Kanengo Zoe Nakamba is an award winning Health Advocate currently enrolled in medical school. She is the Deputy Director for the Zambia Network of Young People Living with HIV (ZNYP+). Zoe is an ambassador for the KUPES Young Women’s Network (KYWN) in Zambia, which empowers young women to pursue desired career choices.

At 16 years, Zoe was the youngest person to have written for the Bank of Zambia: an article titled “A Better Life through Saving”. Zoe has more than 12 years experience in media, having worked for the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation (ZNBC) Radio 2, Hot FM Radio and the Media Network on Child Rights and Development (MNCRD).

Zoe is a member of Zambia’s Young Emerging Scientists (YES) Programme. As a secondary student, she authored Cancermucision, a health handout on foreskin and vaginal health, and cervical and penile cancers, for young people. This handout has won five awards in Zambia. Zoe has continued to write, including a published abstract on Sexual and Reproductive Health Literacy at the 2019 International Workshop on HIV and Adolescence in Nairobi, Kenya. She is a passionate advocate for people living with HIV and has 6 years experience in Sexual Reproductive Health for young people.

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