Kimberly Struble, PharmD

Dr. Kimberly Struble is currently a Medical Team Leader in the Division of Antiviral Products at the Food and Drug Administration. She received a baccalaureate of Science in Pharmacy from the University of Connecticut and a Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences.

She joined FDA in October 1993 and served in various positions as a project manager and clinical reviewer. She left FDA in March 2002 to a pharmaceutical company and rejoined FDA in May 2003. During her career, she has been involved in all phases of clinical drug development and leads a team responsible for the development of new products for the treatment and prevention of HIV infection, hepatitis B and C, influenza, various herpes infections, and other emerging viral infections.  She is a member of the Department of Health and Human Services HIV Treatment Guidelines Panel. She serves on various committees including the executive committee for the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research and is the FDA representative to CDC for occupational and nonoccupational post-exposure prophylaxis public health service working group. She has over 20 publications and 70 presentations relating to HIV drug development and FDA regulations. 

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