Mariana Mardarescu

Mardarescu, Mariana 2014 120Mariana Mărdărescu MD PhD, Consultant in Infectious Diseases, Senior Doctor in Epidemiology

Mariana Mărdărescu began her activity after graduating the Institute of Medicine and Pharmacy Bucharest “Carol Davila” Bucharest in 1979. In 1982 she becomes Assistant Professor at Department for Pharmacology and Infectious Diseases and in 1985 Senior Doctor in Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology, having as main area of expertise Paediatric Infectious Diseases. Her academic career expanded on 10 years until 1991 when she enters the National Institute for Infectious Diseases “Prof. Dr. Matei Bals” as Consultant in Infectious Diseases. 

Since early 1990s Dr. Mardarescu has been dedicating her activity to HIV/AIDS patients which led in 2006 at her PhD in HIV. From 1997 onwards she is the Chief of Paediatric HIV Department and Coordinator of Compartment for Monitoring and Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Data in Romania, since 2002.

She has been representing Romania at international meetings and boards including ECDC as National HIV/AIDS Focal Point. She is part of several Advisory Groups: Women for Positive Action Faculty, Penta Steering Committee, SHE Faculty.

Dr. Mardarescu has published and presented extensively on HIV/AIDS phenomenon in Romania at various national and international conferences.                    

In 2010, she receives the “Sanitary merit Order” from the Romanian Presidency for the entire activity HIV/AIDS.  


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