Marius Trøseid, MD, PhD

Troseid, Marius 2020_120x160Associate professor Marius Trøseid is a consultant in infectious diseases and is leading a research group on Clinical Microbiology and Microbiota Medicine (CliMic) at Oslo University Hospital. The group has developed an in house sequencing-based microbiota-profiling pipeline including bioinformatics methods and applied it in multiple conditions, and in different study designs, including well-defined cross sectional cohorts and interventional trials in HIV infection, primary immunodeficiencies and cardiovascular disease. The overall scientific focus is the role of the gut microbiota in chronic infections, as well as inflammatory, metabolic and cardiovascular diseases, including comorbidities in HIV infection. We have recently published the first data from CoMicS (Copenhagen-Oslo HIV Comorbidity and Microbiota Study), the largest microbiota study in HIV-infected individuals to date. We have recently received EU funding through the Era-Net for managing a WP on multi-level integrated bioinformatics in the European SCRATCH consortium (Microbiota-based SCReening of Anal Cancer in HIV-infected individuals), aiming to improve diagnostic.screening of HIV-associated anal cancer, taking microbiota profiling one step closer to clinical practice. We have also finalized a first-in-man intervention study in heart failure (the GutHeart study), and have recently received NRC funding for the project “Targeting the gut heart axis”, which also involves international collaboration with University of Copenhagen and BGI-Shenzhen, China, in order to gain know-how in novel methods of multi-omics, including metagenomics and multi-level bioinformatics, including machine learning. Trøseid has also established a regional multidisciplinary research network (ReMicS: Regional research network for clinical Microbiota Science) which is hosting a yearly national microbiota conference.

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