Maxine Caws, PhD

Caws, Maxine 2019- 120x160Dr Max Caws leads a TB research programme at the Birat Nepal Medical Trust in Kathmandu, Nepal where she has been based full-time since 2017. The programme focuses on evaluating novel interventions to inform policy optimisation and scale-up for accelerating TB elimination. She is a senior TB researcher at the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK and Principal Investigator of the international IMPACT TB consortium (; #impact_tb) to implement and evaluate diverse aspects of scale-up of active case finding in Vietnam and Nepal, including health economics, epidemic modelling, virtual implementation modelling and policy translation. The Programme is also pioneering the use of cargo drones to enhance sample transport networks for TB diagnosis in remote hill communities of Nepal in collaboration with Nepal Flying Labs (Drots Nepal) and applying whole genome sequencing to improve understanding of TB transmission dynamics in both the remote rural and urban environments of Nepal in collaboration with the University of Melbourne(Target TB). She has published over 70 articles in international peer-reviewed journals spanning the full spectrum of the challenges in TB elimination, from phylogenetic evolution and virulence of the bacilli to clinical treatment trials and socioecomonic aspects. She serves on international grant panel review boards and National Advisory Boards for TB. She was previously head of TB research at the Oxford University Clinical Research Unit, Vietnam from 2003-2014 and holds a Bsc in Biochemistry from the University of St Andrews, an Msc in epidemiology from London School of Hygiene and Tropical medicine and a PhD in medical microbiology from King’s College, London.

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