Mel Krajden MD, FRCPC

Mel KrajdenMel Krajden MD, FRCPC is the Medical Head of Hepatitis - Clinical Prevention Services and is the Associate Medical Director of the Public Health Microbiology and Reference Laboratory and Head of Virology at the British Columbia Centre for Disease Control. He is also a Professor in the Dept. of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine at the University of British   Columbia. His clinical research involves integration of hepatitis prevention and care. His laboratory research involves the application of molecular techniques to: diagnose viruses; assess correlates between infection and clinical disease; monitor antiviral efficacy; and track microbial infections for epidemiological purposes. He has extensive clinical trials expertise and serves as a laboratory coordinator for a number of industry sponsored clinical trials. He receives CIHR funding in the fields of human papillomavirus, HIV and hepatitis C virus. He is Co-investigator/Mentor for CIHR funded National Research Training Program – Hepatitis C Program.

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