Nguyen Van Kinh, MD, PHD

Nguyen, Van Kinh 2015_120Prof. Associate Nguyen Van Kinh is an Infectious Diseases physician. He graduated from Hanoi Medical University as a medical doctor in 1982 and finished Internal Medicine residency at Hanoi Medical University in 1985. He completed one year fellowship on Infectious Diseases in Pasteur Paris Institute, France in 1991. He finished his PhD thesis in 2008. 

Currently, he is the chairman of Vietnamese Society of Infectious Disease, Vietnamese Clinical of HIV/AIDS Society, Director of National Hospital for Tropical Diseases (NHTD) and a chief of the Department of Infectious Diseases, Hanoi Medical University.

He has had many experiences on Infectious Diseases, especially in HIV/AIDS and has been PI in various International and National research such as HIV/AIDS, viral hepatitis, dengue hemorragic fever, influenza, hand food and mouth diseases. His articles have been published in the National and International journal (39 International and 77 National articles).


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