Rebecca Nyambeki

Rebecca is a passionate advocate for matters of sexual and reproductive health (SRH) affecting adolescents and young people in Kenya. As a result, she has been at the forefront of advocacy efforts to improve access to HIV prevention, treatment and care services in this target group through the national youth advocacy movement called Maisha Youth.
At the University of Nairobi, she is trained as a medical microbiologist and biotechnologist before venturing into the world of SRH programming, advocacy and research. Rebecca started her career as an intern at the Kenya National AIDS Control Council (NACC) where she played a leading role in developing the concept for a national survey that aimed to assess the efficacy of an informational booklet developed to answer frequently-asked questions on SRH issues affecting young people in Kenya.
This led to her current engagement as the Programme Officer in charge of the Adolescents and Youth Program at NACC. While at NACC, she has been able to reach young people where they are, using methods that appeal to young people and communicating in a language that they relate to all while infusing fresh innovative concepts to get young people to champion for their Sexual Reproductive Health.

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