Rena Janamnuaysook, MBA

Rena Janamnuaysook

Rena Janamnuaysook is a transgender woman and a human rights advocate from Bangkok, Thailand. She works as a program manager for transgender health at the Thai Red Cross AIDS Research Centre, where she established the Tangerine Community Health Clinic, the first transgender-led sexual health and well-being clinic for transgender people in the region.

Rena also leads the Tangerine Academy for Transgender Health, where she provides technical assistance and capacity building interventions on transgender health, key population-led health services, social innovations, including HIV counseling and testing, pre-exposure prophylaxis, same-day antiretroviral treatment and implementation research to government partners, community-based organizations and private sectors. She co-founded the Thai Transgender Alliance, the first transgender-owned human rights organization in Thailand. She received a master degree in international development from the University of Birmingham, United Kingdom.

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