Rino A Gani, MD, PhD

Gani, A Rino 2015_120Rino A Gani finished MD program from Universitas Indonesia in 1987. After a short experience as a head of community health center in rural area he returned to Universitas Indonesia to become internist and consultant and of gastroenterohepatology in the same university. His experience as clinician in the field of gastroenterohepatology as well as a researcher and received Ph.D from the same university. He had trained in molecular virology in Jichi Medical School in Japan around 1 year. He produced around 60 publications in the peer-reviewed journals. His daily activity is in the treatment of liver and biliary disease patients with various conditions, from acute cases until liver transplantation. He also involved in the health policy regarding hepatitis control nation-wide. As chairman of Indonesia Association for Study of the Liver, he struggle to provide and to make access for the best medication for hepatitis available in Indonesia. He also actively involved in the Ministry of Health as head of expert committee and arrange the national policy to control hepatitis.

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