Saidy Brown


Brown, Saidy 2019Saidy Brown is a 24 year old young lady born with HIV, found out at 14 about her status, and started publicly disclosing at the age of 18. She has used her status to educate other people about HIV using social media. She has been very active in her advocacy. She was a part of the youth plenary at the 8th South African AIDS Conference in Durban in 2017,and opened up the conference with a piece she wrote back when she was 18 titled "an open letter to HIV"

 She works with various NGOs, such as Y+ South Africa, Network for Young People Living with HIV in South Africa. She is a psychology student at the North-West University (NWU) and she is a part of the NWU students advocating leadership and transformation.

 She recently started a YouTube channel that she uses to further educate and enlighten people about HIV. She made it on the prestigious mail and guardian 200 young South Africans for the year 2018. Her everyday goal is to try show those who feel hopeless that there can be life after an HIV diagnosis.