Sofia Carbajal Inestroza

Inestroza, Sofia Carbajal 2020Sofia Carbajal Inestroza is a 27 years old Transgender Woman, Positive, Feminist.
Since she was 17 years old, she has been in the activism and Defense of Human Rights of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, Transvestites, Transgender and Transsexuals of Honduras (LGBTTT+) as well as actions of Political Advocacy in favor of Young People and Adolescents with HIV, in order to promote dialogue between vulnerable populations and the different state institutions and thus be able to achieve the demand and exercise of Human, Sexual and Reproductive Rights.
Sofia joined the LAC Positive Youth Network in order to join the regional agenda of the response to HIV, through her participation in the National Roundtable Honduras, in the regional project of the Global Fund, executing advocacy actions Policy for HIV-Positive Youth and Adolescents through the creative and innovative transformation of the HIV response.

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