Taisheng Li, MD, PhD

Professor Taisheng LI is the Director of Infectious Diseases Department in the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. His research interests include the pathogenesis of HIV/AIDS, immune response and treatment. These activities have included immune restoration for HIV/AIDS patients under HAART, the description of the characteristics of immunophenotypic alteration in Chinese HIV/AIDS patients. He performed the first national prospective ARV Clinical in China in 2005, and demonstrated the better combination ARV in China. He also wrote the first version of “Guidelines for Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in China” as corresponding author in 2006.

Dr. Taisheng LI is also dean of the “HIV/AIDS center for treatment and diagnosis” in the Peking Union Medical College Hospital. He does outstanding work in fighting against HIV/AIDS epidemic in China, with many actions in both prevention and treatment.

Dr Li has published hightly cited papers in peer reviewed journals including “Science”, “Lancet” , as well as “CID”.

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